About Us

Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. is a national, independent, full-service, residential mortgage banker. Our branch, located at 208 N Hickory Ave. Ste 100, Bel Air, Maryland 21014, has its own in-house underwriter and processor, ensuring your loan is turned around quickly and efficiently.

With a combined experience of over 30 years in the mortgage industry, we’re proud to help residents in the states of Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Virginia purchase homes and successfully refinance their existing mortgages. We know that your home is your largest and most complex financial investment, and we strive to provide clarity and ease to the home loan process. We want this to be an exciting time for you and those with whom you share your home.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to create an environment and experience where EVERY customer wants to work with us again, EVERY referral partner wants to keep sending us business and EVERY teammate wants to continue working here. EVERY teammate will go above and beyond EVERY day to create a great experience for EVERY customer, EVERY referral partner, and EVERY other teammate!

Core Values


Teamwork means we’re all in this together. Working together gives our customers better results than we could ever achieve individually.


Stability gives us a future. Our decisions are deliberate and careful. They have to make sense today and tomorrow.


We believe that what’s good for our customer is good for us, too. We are allies for our customers—advocating for sensible laws and stronger accountability.


When we are empowered, we do more—for each other and for our customers. We take charge of each situation with a solutions-oriented approach.


Integrity filters all of our decisions. When we act in integrity, we build trust by always making the right choice, regardless of circumstance.


The pursuit of excellence is a guide to our true potential. We seek to be better, smarter, and more effective people—for ourselves and our customers.


A happy work environment and a great customer experience go hand-in-hand. When we enjoy what we do, it’s easy to deliver a knockout experience.